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Battlefield games

Parent reviews for Battlefield 1

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Battlefield games their kids

Postby Yotaxe В» 25.12.2018


Categories Discussions. March 2, PM. I saw this discussion pop up in another thread of mine, and thought it would be a good discussion. How old are you and what are your thoughts on the violence in the game. How old is to young to play BF1? I myself am a father. My 10yr old plays this game along with Rainbow 6 and others. I personally dont find this game to be overly violent compaired to others, and games that i played when i was his age.

In a technical sense, the rating of a game isn't to tell you who can and can't PLAY the game, it's to tell you who can and can't BUY the game because of the content featured in said game. It's a good system that allows parents to buy what they think is acceptable for their kids, instead of allowing kids to walk into a store and buy whatever game they want regardless of what their parents think. It's akin to the rating system for seeing films at movie theaters.

Kids can't just go see an R rated movie without their parents, but their parents CAN take them to see an R rated film with their permission. It's the parent's choice, and making a decision to allow YOUR child to play a violent game isn't "wrong" in any way.

It's personal preference. Im 36 and also a father, and have no issue with letting the 11year old play, however my youngest is not allowed, she is soon 2y so thats to young ;p. I think its all about how you raise the youngins. Its fun to play games like this along with them. I'm And I don't want to repeat myself so I'll just refer to your other thread in regards to the violence and what I said there.

I'm 43,and I'm a little reluctant to let my boy play this only because of some of the content,melee attacks and incendiary grenades being the main culprits,however when I was his age 10 me and my mates would be out playing soldiers but unfortunately it seldom seems to happen as why would kids bother when they have access to photo realistic warfare in their own front room. I'm 38, my 9 year couldn't care less about playing it he's more into minecraft.

My 6 year old however loves battlefield and even battlefront and i've no problem in leting him play it. I don't think it's too graphic. As a side note those with kids, my 6 year old once went in a game of battlefront, bet there aren't many on here can top that. I know I can't. I am As far as what age this game is appropriate for, I will leave that to the rating on the box. I will admit that I was playing golden eye when I was Although looking back I probably shouldn't have been.

When my nephews are around I won't even let them watch me when I am playing. Ages 5,6, and 7. Nearly 54 and love playing BF1 in a party with friends. I'll tell a story here that may be relevant: I'm 25 now. But when I was a kid myself, I really struggled with anxiety. I had anxiety attacks about a lot of things, and they would last for months, disrupting my sleep schedule, I was fraught with worry each waking second of every day.

I was always a little on the sensitive side as a kid. Seeing violence in movies, a sudden burst of blood, or even worse, actual gore, was enough to get my heart racing with panic. When Halo 1 came out. Everyone of my friends was head over heels with this game. I played it with my friends, started out in the multiplayer. I was still shocked by the violence, but over some time, it became less and less so. I started having fun playing with my friend, we would play Easy or Normal mode and try to work our way through the campaign.

I grew to really love the game myself, and always looked forward to playing with my friend. Until a certain mission. Eventually you stumble across a helmet from human Marines. Replaying the recorded video from the helmet starts when you approach it. It plays a scene, tells the story of the Marines that arrived there before you.

It follows them throughout the preceding level, to the point where you find the helmet. Here, the Flood a parasitic type of primitive alien attack for the first time They burst out of the ceiling, one latches onto the scalp of one of the Marines, over his head.

I was totally traumatized. I couldn't stop the scene from playing in my head. I just imagined myself as being a squadmate in the room, watching the horror unfold with my buddy. I couldn't think about other things. Sleep wasn't possible. The lack of sleep snowballed things.

It put my emotions on a "frayed wire", I would cry for literally no reason, I wanted to cling to my parents the whole day, I began to develop a symdrome where I DREADED the end of the day, because it always meant another night spent unable to rest, consumed by my own anxiety. After months, and months, and months, it finally passed. It wasn't the last attack like these that I ever had, but it was one of the first and worst.

Moral of the story: It may be in the kids best interest to interfere in what they play; even if they fight you on it. I'm sure not every single kid is like this, I know I was kindof an extremely tightly-wound kid. But there are effects happening. Even if you or the kid isn't completely aware.

Sorry for the autobiography. Gforce81 I had a similar incident with the first Jurassic Park. I knew they no longer exist but that didn't stop years of dinosaur related nightmares.

I still occasionally have one and am absolutely pissed when I wake up. Gforce81 The restroom scene was the other one that bothered me. My 7 year old son sometimes watches me play BF1 and allerts me for campers who need a proper t-bagging and when there are available vehicles. He does not actually play the game because he has 4 Lego games on ps4 thats more games than i have wich are actually pretty fun.

Too young in my opinion is when a kid cant hold the controller properly or is unable to see the difference between real life, games and even movies or cartoons for that matter. March 2, PM edited March We could block them but him and his mates play other games and have just discovered the online comms which has taken the pressure off me buying him a mobile phone but they like to send each other messages.

It was hilarious to see his face when he got meleed for the first time in BF1 - not too much blood in this one but the language in multiplayer is pretty full on, too much for younger ears. I'm 45 and my son 14 plays. We talk about it and He understands what these games are and difference between real life.

I never let him play something that I haven't played first. So he can't play games like resident evil etc where there is real risk of being traumatised. All his mates play bf1 so he was always going to play it at their place anyway. Sometimes squad up with them and they are just funny as. Last week they were all running with kolibris and hunting the enemy.

March 3, AM edited March I'm some sort of age and my cat 4 loves to watch me play, sometimes she tries to attack campers. It is so very cute and adorable. March 3, AM. Doom, Postal, Duke Nukem 3D, etc. Whether or not you allow your kids to play an M rated game is entirely up to you.

If you think your kids are mature enough to handle it, have at it. If you're not sure, well that's why the rating system exists, to help you make an informed decision.

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Re: battlefield games their kids

Postby Kazigal В» 25.12.2018

But when I was a kid myself, I really struggled with anxiety. Rate game. Historical Fiction. If kids used to play Cowboys and Indians and now they play Battlefield 4, so be it. The only major objectionable content in this game is the violence.

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Re: battlefield games their kids

Postby Gomuro В» 25.12.2018

And you know what? Frostbite 3. The Battle Royale market is flooding, and the two major winners are way out ahead of everyone else. The violence is still realistic without having masses of blood.

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